[10] Facebook ads, product hunt, data optimization and more

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Data-Driven Optimization: How The Moneyball Method Can Deliver Increased Revenues
The secret to making your ROI shine: Data-driven optimization. Read how scientific optimization and a/b testing can lead to business growth.

Climbing the charts: 4 tips to get to #1 on Product Hunt
We here on FullStory’s marketing team love a good product launch success story, especially if it‘s chock-full of details about how said success was achieved.

7 Power Words & Phrases to Test in Your Facebook Ads
When you’re competing for attention on Facebook, your ads need to grab people’s attention FAST. That’s where these seven powerful words and phrases come in.

User Experience Testing: A Conversion-Focused Guide
User experience is a nebulous term. What defines a “good” UX from a “bad’ UX, and what do the gradations look like between the two poles?

Top 3 Growth Hacking Examples Of 2016
One of the most popular marketing disciplines in recent times has been the creation of growth hacking. I know from many conversations with Reply …

Success looks like 86 cents in your bank account
A journey on identifying what success looks like, impostor syndrome and the insanity that business owners don’t often share. [Sponsor]

100 Must Read Resources on Conversion Optimization
Conversion optimization company Invesp has compiled a list of the top 100 resources that you need to own, bookmark, and/or read on conversion optimization.

We Spent $100k On Facebook Ads. Here’s What We Learned
For a three-person digital marketing team like ours, the prospect of having an ads budget seemed like a distant dream. So when we were given a $100K ad budget we were positively giddy.

Strategic SEO Decisions to Make Before Website Design and Build
Asking the right SEO questions before you build a site sets you up for success later on. Check out the most important considerations to make before going all-in with a new website.

Everything You Need To Know About Email Segmentation And Personalisation
It is no more about how many emails are sent. The focus has come down to quality, how do you get people to open your emails? Email segmentation and personalisation is the answer.

How to Do an Instagram Audit in 60 Minutes or Less
Follow this simple Instagram audit to get valuable data to improve your Instagram marketing strategy. Who says audits have to be boring?

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