[18] Chatbots, Instagram followers, Google AMP Webpages and more

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Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing
Whilst other channels are continuing to deliver diminishing returns, there’s a new medium for marketers to utilize to reach their customers: Chatbots.

27 Dream Marketing Stack Tools You Can’t Afford to Miss
Here are 27 of the best tools to give you a swiss army marketing stack that’s perfect for any growth campaign.

Landing Page Optimization: The Complete DIY Guide to Optimizing Your Landing Pages
A very complete step-by-step process which Talia Wolf uses for landing page optimization. Download all 4 worksheets and templates to get started.

The Best Way To Get 3000 Instagram Followers in 4 Months
You can’t afford to spend countless hours on Instagram growing your following. It’s not workable. Here’s a great article on how to do it.

10 ways copy can make you more money right now
This article explains why it may be time to look beyond your product and design, and focus on the copy you’re using to capture leads.

OTOTGo – digital marketing specialists & social media strategists
OTOTGo are an Australian collective of digital marketing specialists & social media strategists. See our courses, read the blog and more.

How to use Search Console for quick SEO wins
SEO doesn’t have to be complicated or technical. Laura Hogan, Head of Search at Rice Media, shared her tips at Brighton SEO on how to use Search Console to boost your rankings.

3 Cognitive Biases Stunting Your Growth
Cognitive biases don’t just impact users. Learn how marketers and product managers can rein in automation bias, survivorship bias, and the illusion of validity for better decision-making.

How to Setup Google AMP Webpages with Analytics Tracking
Accelerated Mobile Pages are similar to generic HTML pages – the AMP framework clears away any custom JavaScript, majority of CSS styling, Widgets /Plugins, thus making pages and posts load almost instantly.

How to do server-side testing for SPA optimization
How to do server-side testing for Single Page Application optimization, to improve speed, testing and ultimately more growth.

Case Study: Nasty Gal is Killing It at ECommerce – Here’s How They Did It
Much has been written about Nasty Gal and their growth. This article breaks down what this popular ecommerce retailer did to nail it.

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