[21] Outbound sales, Pinterest ads, social media and more

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How to Use Products as a Growth Hacking Strategy
Creating new products can be a great way to market and grow the user base of your core offering. Find out how to get started here.

Marketing Attribution Models: Choosing the Right One (and Mistakes to Avoid)
In this post, 43 experts explain the differences between marketing attribution models for your business and identify common mistakes to avoid.

Automated Outbound Sales: How Segment Increased Outbound Email Conversion by 200%
This article is a must read for those interested in using automation and personalization in outbound email campaigns.

The 3 Most Powerful Ways to use Videos for Retargeting
Video has taken online marketing by storm – more and more marketers are becoming aware of this powerful content format and are quickly hopping on board the video trend. But you’ll have to do more than just producing videos to realise its full potential.

How I Got 22 Follow Links In Half a Day
Exactly how this writer gained 22 follow links in half a day in 5 Easy to replicate steps. Learn how you can use infographic marketing to build links quickly.

Dear old white guy who told me to get a job today…
I’m going preface this article by saying that I am not making a blanket statement to all old white guys, I have a bunch of you in my network. (Sponsor)

How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Conversions
A length article on how you can reveal and fix your conversion problems by embracing Google Analytics funnels and goals.

AdWords Account Expansion: Scaling & Growing Successfully
Considering AdWords account expansion? Take advantage of opportunities without jumping the gun. Get a different approach for higher clicks & conversions.

3 Reasons You Need to Try Pinterest Ads
With an $11 billion valuation and $300 million in revenue in 2016, Pinterest is a social network that means business: learn how you can use its new ad platform to reach and engage with your future customers.

10 Lesser-Known Facebook Ad Features (and Why You Should Use Them)
It’s a fact, Facebook has a ton of features for its advertising platform. The precise targeting, seemingly endless data points, and automated help are all reasons why advertising on Facebook is so efficient and effective — and arguably, unrivaled.

What We Learned from Our Top-Performing Social Media Posts
By understanding what went well and why with your best social posts, you can set guidelines that will help you consistently produce high-performing content.

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