[24] Influencers, Snapchat, Facebook chatbots and more growth articles

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Find Your App’s Super Users and Hack Your Growth
App usage for any app follows some fairly normal patterns. Some users will use it a lot; others just open it once and then never again.

How to Build a Facebook Chatbot That Generates Leads on Autopilot
Facebook chatbots are all the rage right now in the digital world. Everyone and their mother are talking about them. but can they really help marketers drive business goals?

The Importance of Building Trust: What 2,400 consumers say about trust in the conversion process
Websites are more than digital images and copy. Websites are relationships with people. And if we seek to influence behavior, we need to understand and respect our prospects.

6 Storytelling Secrets for Forging Connections with Your Customers
Storytelling is as integral to digital marketing as pictures to a picture book. You can have all the clever tweets, amazing hashtags, and beautifully styled Instagram photos you can come up with, but if there’s no cohesive brand story behind them, they won’t win you loyal followers.

How Bartaile Multiplies Its Reach By Partnering With Similar Brands [Audio + Transcript]
In this episode of Shopify Masters, you’ll learn how Bartaile finds and partner with complementary brands that have similar audiences.

OTOTGo – social media strategists
Need help engaging with your social media audience? The experienced social media team at OTOTGo can help. (Sponsor)

6 Jaw-Dropping Ways to Increase Conversion Rates with Influencers
Influencers can lead to up to 10 x increase in conversion rate. Check out these 6 best tips to increase conversion rates with influencers.

How to Create a Customer Acquisition Plan
Here’s how to put together a customer acquisition plan for your startup by focusing on growth, not growth hacks.

Slack owes its impressive $4b valuation to these 10 hacks
In such a small amount of time, how did Slack get to where they are now? This article outlines 10 hacks that helped get the impressive traction Slack has enjoyed.

Why an Insanely Fast Site Is Your 2017 Priority
Convinced that optimized site speed is a top priority for your mobile SEO strategy in 2017? This article explains why site speed matters.

Honest Selling Secrets from a Dishonest Man
In 1911 a man walked into a room full of strangers to deliver what would become one of the greatest sales pitches of all time. Here are the lessons.

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