[26] Landing pages, SEO, Blogging and other growth hacking articles

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The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors: 2017 edition now released
This great infographic and associated detail explain the factors that will help you rank in 2017.

Blogging for Startups: How This Blog Earned Us $750k+ Worth of Traffic
This article explains how the 6Q team built readership to their blog, and why blogging for startups is such a powerful growth hacking tool.

How to Make Your Inbound Sales Funnel More Efficient
As a salesperson, the goal of inbound sales is to become a trusted resource — someone who can help your potential customers solve real problems.

How to Get 100k Email Subscribers in 5 Months
Building an email list can be tough. This article with Sam Parr from The Hustle shows the efforts and insights of those who have figured out “the secret sauce” in email.

Data-Driven Marketing: A 7-Step Guide
Data-driven companies win because (1) they understand their customers better than their competitors, (2) they make decisions based on reality, and (3) they move fast.

5 things to change in your Facebook strategy right now
Algorithm got you beat? Facebook becoming a time vortex of political outrage and kittens? Here’s 5 tips to change in Facebook strategy for your business. (Sponsor)

Conversion Optimization Beyond the Landing Page
Key takeaways from a webinar on conversion optimization beyond the landing page: purpose and integration.

How to use Facebook Messenger as an advertising platform
Messenger apps have a bigger audience than social networks. Here is how to reach them. Messenger apps are big.

How to Automate the “Best Sales Prospecting Email Ever”
When Brian Anderson first messaged Charlie Liang from Engagio to ask for a meeting, he couldn’t predict that his email would go viral.

Segment’s “Mad Scientist” Shares His Secrets for Driving Growth
Unhappy with your current lead generation efforts? Learn how Segment’s VP of Growth uses his Collect, Analyze, and Act framework to accelerate growth.

How to Easily Write Awesome Long-Form Content
Sometimes it seems hard to write a blog post that contains 1,500 words. There are various reasons why writers can’t come up with even a short form piece of content (like 500 words).

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