[32] 300+ growth hacking articles, AMP pages, bots and more

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Here’s my list of 300+ growth hacking articles from growth.email
I have curated the list of 300+ growth hacking articles I have shared to date in growth.email into a categorized ready-to-learn from list. Enjoy!

SaaS Growth Strategy #1: Designing Tailored Product Editions to Drive Growth
A deep dive into tailored product editions: the first of 10 essential SaaS growth strategies. How to design editions to most effectively drive growth?

How to Write a Video Script That Will Make $100,000,000
What made that Squatty Potty ad so effective? It pulled the right emotional levers. Here’s how to write a video script that does the same for you.

Acquiring Better Users — Eric Seufert and Thomas Petit on UA Tactics
Two of the industry’s top user acquisition (UA) experts, Eric Seufert and Thomas Petit, share their knowledge and tactics on how to acquire users for apps.

9 Ways to Include Bots in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
There’s always someone who says it. “I’m surprised robots haven’t replaced all of us yet.” People say it all the time. Bots can help us to market though – here are 9 ways.

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97% of users churn silently — here’s why
Ever wonder why users churn from your product? They’re people just like you and me. They have busy lives, friends, daily commutes, and when confronted with challenges, they prefer to avoid confrontation. It’s only natural.

What You Can Learn From the 5 Best Referral Programs On the Planet
Referral programs can fuel rapid growth when used correctly and these brands are living proof! Check out the 5 best referral programs on the planet.

How Canva’s Growth Team Improves Activation +10% [Case Study]
Canva’s active userbase is growing at an astounding rate. In this post you’ll learn their growth team’s process and how they improve user onboarding.

Facebook Messenger Bots for Business: A Guide for Marketers
A guide to Facebook Messenger Bots—how they work, what you can use them for, and how to create your own.

How to use Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to Rank Better on Mobile
Everything you need to know about Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages): What AMP is, if and how AMP can influence SEO and how it will impact your business.

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