[33] Psychology, mobile SERP, webinar planning & more

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A Comprehensive List of Growth Hacks
A comprehensive list of growth hacking tactics and ideas covering design, content, user acquisition, user retention, email and social growth hacks

3 Ideas to Steal from Unbounce’s Hyper-Personalized Customer Marketing Campaign
Here’s exactly how Unbounce created ultra-personalized messages for an audience of 10K+ customers.

[Podcast + Transcript] Demystifying Growth Hacking
In the latest episode of Practical Product, Sean Ellis from GrowthHackers dispels the confusion around Growth Hacking and describes it as a systematic process of experimentation across the entire customer journey.

Improving User Onboarding: The Ultimate Guide for Product and Growth Managers
This guide will show you how to identify your app’s activation point and drive users to it, to increase uptake and growth.

All of Google’s Recent Changes to the Mobile SERP
Google has been mixing up the mobile SERP, introducing new features like sitelink carousels and lots of new mobile ad types to keep both users and advertisers happy. Learn more.

Curated list of 300+ growth hacking articles
Here’s my curated list of 300+ growth hacking articles that I have shared so far in growth.email. Enjoy the reading!

15 Conversion-Centered Email Marketing Best Practices
These conversion focused tips can help you ramp up your company’s email marketing strategy and provide ideas worth millions to your bottom line.

11 Customer-Centric Ways to Grow Your E-Commerce Revenue
Learn how a focus on customer centricity can grow your ecommerce revenue in several different ways.

7 Ways You Can Use Emotional Triggers To Boost Your E-commerce Sales (With Examples)
In today’s fast-paced world, understanding consumer psychology, and more specifically, your potential buyer, is more than a necessity.

How to Do a Webinar The Effective Way [Free Planner]
Running a successful webinar is no walk in the park. Follow this guide on how to do a webinar effectively to make sure yours goes off without a hitch.

The 6 Rules of Behavioral Data Built Into All of Us
You are wired to navigate the world using behavioral data. When you check Facebook to see how many people like and comment on your most recent post, you’re using your built-in behavioral know-how.

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