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Growth Hacking: Strategies Learned Studying 77 Hyper-Growth Brands
Explore the growth strategies and techniques used by 77 big brands – including Uber, Spotify, PayPal and AirBnB – to gain traction & land paying customers.

The Place of Newspapers in the Local Marketing Ecosystem
Digitally speaking, NextDoor is encroaching on a space that local papers really should own. David Mihm tells Mike Blumenthal. It’s basically a glorified forum that in my view would be every bit as successful, if not more so, if hosted by a truly local entity.

How to Grow Your Facebook Following: A 6-Step Plan
Learn to grow a specialized audience on Facebook by including interests that are related to your products in your ad targeting.

From Beta to Launch: Customer Acquisition Strategy for SaaS
Learn how to develop your SaaS Customer Acquisition Strategy with this simple yet effective customer framework used by RepIQ.

Insanely Effective Sales Techniques To Sell More To Customers
Repeat customers spend an average of 33% more than first-time customers. Here’s how to sell more to your existing customers, almost effortlessly.

Getting feedback on startup ideas: 6 things we’ve learned
The A Little Feedback team collect anonymous consumer feedback for brands, startups and creative people, and we have learned a few interesting lessons about asking for and receiving quality opinions.

30+ Case Studies that will Teach You How to Build Online Community for Your Business
A curated list of 30 community case studies and what you can learn from each, to help you grow your own audience.

How To Get Started With Cart Abandonment Emails
In depth guidance on how to get started with cart abandonment emails for online retailers – covering the key components of an effective campaign.

Data-Driven Public Relations
Most people simply don’t understand PR. Let’s start with common mistakes that can prevent you from getting media attention, and outline a new mindset so that you can avoid them.

SaaS Landing Pages in 2017: An Analysis of 100+ Top Businesses
This article takes a look at some of the changes and trends in SaaS landing page design in 2017. This expanded analysis looks at the landing pages of over 100 SaaS businesses of all sizes — with some powerful insights.

A curated swipe file for marketers
Just launched is swipefile, a curated swipe file for marketers. From landing pages to press ads, copy writing to emails, this is a great resource.

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