[36] Lessons from buying 29 companies, customer churn, text ads and more

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DIY Content Marketing: The Ultimate Guide
Your DIY content marketing should be the 800lb Gorilla in the room! If it’s not already, then this lengthy guide is what you’ve been looking for.

How to Write Your Highest Performing Text Advertisements
The prospect is to be led from advertisement to landing page to delight. This detailed infographic will reveal how to write better text ads today.

Pricing Psychology: 7 Clever Tweaks To Make Customers Buy Again
If you’re struggling to gain customers and more importantly, keep them — your price points and structures may be impacting purchase decisions more than you first thought.

50+ Places To Repurpose Your Content: The Ultimate Guide
There is no end to the places that you can repurpose your content. This lengthy article has 50 methods to get you started today.

How to 2x Your Business This Year: Lessons from Buying 29 Companies
Buying a business is underrated. Often, it’s easier than starting a business. Learn lessons from Jonathan Siegel, the entrepreneur who’s bought 29 businesses.

Upgrade Emails: Automation, Copy, and Best Practices for Trial End Emails
In this super-actionable article you’ll learn how to set up your first upgrade email workflow – with full-on Stripe integration. You’ll also learn how to improve your upgrade emails once you grow in size and how to perfect them eventually.

Convert your ad traffic with personalized landing pages
How our demand generation team uses direct response landing pages to personalize our advertising experience for prospects and convert more leads.

5 ways to identify potential featured snippets to rank for
Have you been wondering how to start owning Google’s featured snippets for your brand? They drive traffic and help you own specific phrases.

A 7-Point Guide to Reducing Customer Churn with Customer Research
No one likes customer churn. In fact, the current stance in growth is that retention is the most important part of the equation. It doesn’t matter how many customers you can pour into your app if you can’t keep them there.

24 Instagram Marketing Tools for More Followers, Likes & Sales
Instagram is less of an option for marketers and more of a necessity. Use these Instagram marketing tools tools for filtering, scheduling, analytics and more, for a more beautiful, likable Instagram feed.

What Data Says About Your Blog Post Ideas (& Whether They’ll Work)
Stop reading those 150+ blog post ideas lists and save yourself time by only creating content that works, by reading this guide.

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