[4] Long Tail Keywords, Split Testing & More

128 High Converting Growth Hacks – The Last Growth Hacking List
The team at Linkody have curated the best growth hacks from a selection of 2,105 articles and the top 100 growth hackers. This is an amazing list.

Split Testing: 7 Tricks to Gain More Sales
Isha Singh takes us through A/B split testing will allow you to find out what elements work best to leverage your marketing efforts.

Growth Hacking explained in 12 simple steps
Want a great intro to growth hacking? This article breaks down the process into 12 simple steps that will help you kick off your growth (hacking) efforts.

Monkey Business: The Story Behind MailChimp’s Wild Growth
The Drift team have written a great case study on how a lovable brand and freemium sales model helped make MailChimp one of the leading email marketing platforms.

Rethinking Long Tail Keywords: how to get TONS of traffic from unpopular search queries
This article outlines a simple, step-by-step process to easily rank for hundreds of long tail keywords and instantly boost your organic search traffic.

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How to Get 100,000 People to See Your Blog Post
Len Markidan of Groove has the step-by-step approach that will get you there. Because the first step to converting on-site visitors is getting them there in the first place.

How to Use FOMO to Increase Traffic & Conversions
Sujan Patel takes us through the Fear Of Missing Out, and how we can apply that fear for our marketing, with content upgrades and more.

10 Brilliant B2B Facebook Ads Deconstructed
This post tears apart some of the best Facebook ads and really pin point the pros and cons of these ads. Learn the do’s and dont’s of Facebook advertising.

101 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of Your Marketing Funnel
This article covers lead magnet ideas to build an email list, and then convert these leads into real paying customers, using your inbound funnel.

How New SaaS Companies Should Be Using Content Marketing
Content marketing improves customer and brand relations. It can influence purchasing decisions. It can rank in the search results and drive qualified traffic to your site.