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Here is your curated reading list of the best growth and marketing articles recently published. I trust you enjoy the reading.

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How to Write Phenomenal Blog Posts in a World Full of Average Ones

Lauren Holliday takes us through a detailed 8 step process (with bonus animated gifs) on how to write an awesome blog post that gets traffic and attention.

Not Sure Which Marketing Funnel Stage to Target? Start Here

“How do I choose which funnel stage and marketing tactics to focus on next?” It’s a hard question to answer but there are some best practices that can help.

50 B2B Lead Generation Ideas from the Experts

Interviews with top experts in B2B lead generation from companies like Moz, Marketo, and DemandBase to get their best ideas and strategies for generating more leads.

Thank you pages: 7 ways I’ve increased retention and conversion

Thank you pages are your chance to lengthen AND widen the funnel. In this post, get A/B test results. And increase retention on your thank you pages.

How 4 Top SaaS Companies Use Content to Strengthen Their Product Marketing

Product marketing is both vital to the success of a SaaS product and infuriating to pin down. Ben Mulholland takes us through 4 great SaaS companies.

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What I’ve learned from growing and unfollowing over 250,000 followers on Twitter

Why would you want to purge your Twitter feed? Travis Wright explains how Twitter helped him build industry relationships — and why he decided to start over.

The Three Main Strategies For Creating Sustainable Growth

Start creating a growth hacking strategy for your business, by looking at a number of examples concentrating on platform, side projects and viral loop.

How to Create Keyword Maps and Avoid Cannibalization (The SEO Variety)

Optimizing content with the appropriate keywords (among other things) gives it the best chance to reach a relevant audience.

How To Prioritize Your SaaS Marketing Tactics For Maximum ROI [Free Template Included]

Stop wasting time copying other people’s marketing tactics. This proven template shows you how to prioritize your SaaS marketing efforts for maximum ROI.

[Gifographic] Better Website Testing – A Simple Guide to Knowing What to Test

A gifographic by Klientboost explaining where to begin your website testing from.

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