[9] Growth lessons, mobile landing pages, virality and more

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A Dozen Lessons on Growth

A growth team has the “responsibility to measure, understand and improve the flow of users in and out of the product and business. That’s the role of growth.”

6 free side projects guaranteed to drive revenue and bring in customers

Do you find it difficult to keep up? Here’s 6 ways to make profitable side projects to keep up with your editorial schedule without doing any extra work.

What SaaS Companies Can Learn from Gym Membership Pricing

There’s a reason people keep signing up for the gym though they might not get their money’s worth. What can SaaS companies learn from this pricing strategy?

These Six Content Marketing Tactics Will Give You 142% More Traffic in Six Months

Neil Patel says you don’t need me to tell you how potent content marketing is. This long quality post reveals his thoughts.

A Roadmap to Creating An Effective Personalization Strategy

From simple message segmentation to programmatic ad buying & individual-level website customization, big data and technology is changing quickly.

Success looks like 86 cents in your bank account

A journey on identifying what success look like, impostor syndrome and the insanity that business owners don’t often share. [Sponsor]

The Five Types of Virality

Every entrepreneur has the dream of making their startup’s product go viral. But too often this is couched in a naïve understanding of virality. “Let’s make our app viral!”

31 Mobile Landing Page Ideas To Help You Fly Above Your Competition

Creating high converting mobile landing pages can be quite the challenge. Here are 31 mobile landing page ideas to help you beat out your competition.

Case Study: 1,057 leads in 7 days with £5 ad spend

Case Study: How to use free viral giveaway contests to generate targeted new leads at an almost unbelieveable rate, and very low cost, with UpViral.

22 Effective Ways to Use Landing Page Social Proof [Original Research]

Landing page social proof is valuable for moving visitors from feeling trapped in the conversion funnel. We provide 22 effective ways to utilize it.

2016 Year In Review – Double Your Freelancing

In Brennan Dunn’s lengthy annual report, he covers what helped and hindered growth over the last year with DoubleYourFreelancing.com

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