[27] Google AdWords, FB live, referral programs and more…

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7 Legitimate Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Business
Facebook Live for business can create new and unique opportunities for engagement. Check out these seven benefits of real-time video here.

An Epic List of 74 Referral Programs [Updated 2017!]
Looking for ideas for your referral program? Here’s an epic list of 47 referral program examples, spanning several industries and types of products.

Knock-Off Thousands from Your AdWords Costs with Close Variants
Are you using close variants as a keyword match type in your PPC campaigns? If not, it’s time to start. Here’s how to use them to save money.

How To: Craft Action-Inducing CTA’s
Why should people sign up for X or register for Y? Because your CTA’s will be so badass they’ll have to. This article explains how to craft better Call To Actions.

How to Quickly Get Started with Ecommerce Optimization
There’s a popular (and dangerous) notion circulating in the business world; something directly related to your ecommerce optimization strategy. And it’s something every ecommerce marketing manager should consider.

Rapid List Building: How To Build Your Email List 2x Faster
Want to grow your email list 2x faster? You can and this post will show you how. This is the last list building guide you’ll ever need. (Sponsor)

Important Lead Generation Lessons Learned from Over 1/4 Million SlideShare Views
Learn how to start using SlideShare as a valuable lead generation tool, and learn from Chad Pollitt’s lessons from over 250,000 views in this article.

Why Live Events Should Be At The Center Of Your Marketing Strategy
Successful marketing strategies of the future will rely less on digital experiences, and more on live events. Here’s why.

Messenger Apps for Business: How to Use Chat for Marketing
Your business should be using messenger apps, because your customers are using them and they expect to find you there. Here’s how.

How to Research and Optimize for Question-Type Queries to Boost Your Brand Search Visibility
For a few years now we’ve witnessed Google focusing on better understanding and answering users’ questions. Google has started giving good answers & additional exposure in search.

[Case Study] Building $320k/mo revenue with Scott’s Cheap Flights
Scott and Brian explain how they grew a small side project into a booming businesses with over 600,000 subscribers and $4 million in annual revenue.

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