[43] Influencer marketing, B2B social media, LinkedIn hacks, referral marketing and more

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$1000 for Influencer Marketing: Top Guns Tell You How to Spend Money
How Sam Hurley, Shane Barker, John Rampton, Lilach Bullock, Tim Soulo, Sujan Patel and more would spend $1000 for Influencer Marketing.

B2B Social Media Marketing: How to Engage Customers
Here’s advice you need to stand out as a B2B social media marketer and ensure your company engages with potential customers and followers who convert into what you really want: sales!

Things We Learned by Spending $100,000 on Facebook Ads
So, you want to scale your Facebook ads? Let’s cover some basics. This past year, we took on two tasks: mastering the always evolving Facebook ad platform, and scaling a budget for Facebook ads from $20 a day to $40,000 a month. Here’s what we learned along the way.

14 Referral Marketing Examples To Make You Inspired
Having a referral program is the way to growth. This articles collates 14 of the best referral marketing examples to use as inspiration.

How 7 Companies Found and Exploited Unique Growth Levers
Only 50% of startups (give or take) make it to 5 years. Often bad marketing is at least partly responsible. Here’s seven companies that bucked that trend.

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Lessons Learned Growing The Sumo.com Blog From 100,000 To 200,000 Visits In A Month
At the start of August, Noah Kagan hired me and my agency to manage Sumo’s whole content marketing operation. I brought in my best people, and he brought in his best.

Three Ways to Growth Hack LinkedIn Engagement & Traffic
You can engage with many of the most segmented audiences at scale with precise messaging. Upwards to hundreds of thousands of people. You can, too. Using these three growth hacks, you’ll have the entire toolkit.

10 Phone Selling Techniques That Work. Grow your sales right now!
How can businesses effectively gain clients through telephone sales? The following 10 tips will help any business improve their sales rate on the phone.

13 Growth Hacking Techniques From the Best in the Business
Exclusive interviews with leading growth hackers, including Leah Faul, Patrick Cines and Brittany Hodak, on how to grow your business.

How to build a highly-engaged SaaS audience
The founder of ChartMogul shares their approach to building a valuable, engaged audience for ChartMogul. Here’s the full transcript and slides for you to read.