[45] Content promotion, A/B testing, customer satisfaction, gamification and more

Here are another ten great articles on all facets of growth, to inspire you to move the needle in your business. Enjoy! – Miles.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Gamification Marketing
A comprehensive guide on what things you need to consider, how to plan, what to avoid, & how to measure success with gamification.

Order Confirmation Email Best Practices to Help Your Business Stay Ahead
Did you know that 70% of people open order confirmation emails? Read on to learn how to optimize this crucial transactional email and boost your revenues.

A/B Testing – You’re doing it wrong
Your company wants to increase revenue and adoption by making some marketing site tweaks. They want more conversions, more clicks, more shares, and more users. What do they tell you to do first?

How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel That Sells
When building a social media strategy, you want to make sure your tactics cover each stage of the sales funnel.

Stop Sending Bad Sales Emails to Your Prospects. Here’s How.
We’ve put together a compilation of email prospecting do’s and don’ts that will stop you from sending your prospects bad emails.

5 Best Keyword Research Tools Compared For 2017 (And How To Use Them)
Wondering which keyword research tools are worth using? We’ve got you covered in this detailed comparison of alternatives to Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. [Sponsor]

Customer Satisfaction: The Ultimate Guide
You can’t grow a sustainable business without happy customers. Learn how to manage, measure, and improve customer satisfaction here.

9 Content Promotion Tools to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic
Content promotion isn’t as easy as it sounds. You’ve just spent an entire week writing your latest blog post to perfection. Next, you share it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to get some extra traffic. Is there more you can do? Yes!

Your Blog Design is Bollocks (And How You’re Gonna Fix it)
Rather than an article purely on anecdotal beliefs, this article examines two different designs and get the opinion of CROs and marketers far smarter than I.

How To Go Viral On LinkedIn: 22 Tips From The LinkedIn Pros
SQ from ReferralCandy speak to 22 LinkedIn experts on how they grow an audience, and build business growth using LinkedIn.

7 Ways Email Signatures Can Drive Signups, Follows, and Conversions
Email signatures are an effective yet underutilized tool to drive sales, social follows, and conversions. Find out how in this comprehensive guide.