growth.email is…

A weekly email, sharing the ten best growth marketing articles recently published.

Every week, I scour over 100 RSS feeds and growth communities, to find actionable, thought provoking or just plain interesting, articles that would interest my 1,900+ subscribers. This audience subscribe to receive these emails, to help them with the latest knowledge on methods to help increase their revenue or business.

growth.email started as a $99 side project at the start of 2017. I describe the process I went through, and the lessons I learned on my personal blog.

I was humbled to be interviewed on Letterlist about this little newsletter.


How do I sponsor an issue?
Glad you asked! See this page for more information.

What articles do you include?
Any well written article with actionable content in English, that covers one of the key growth marketing areas, such as content marketing, PPC advertising, SEO, cold emailing, email newsletters, influencer outreach, etc.

I have an article I want to suggest
Sure! As long as it’s at least 750 words long, isn’t at all salesy, and meets the above criteria, then send me a tweet.

Can I pay you to include my article?
No, sorry but the content will always remain my decision and it isn’t a pay for inclusion thing. However you can sponsor an issue – see above.