[41] Lead magnets, live video, CRO, improving activation and more

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Why Your CRO Best Practices Aren’t Working
If your CRO best practices aren’t working, chances are, it’s because those tactics don’t align with your audience’s preferences.

How to Build a Lead Magnet Into Your Product to Fuel Growth
Using their experience, along with other examples, Kiissmetrics outline six steps to building a successful lead magnet into your product.

The Ultimate List of Facebook Marketing Ideas: 40+ Ideas for Posts, Giveaways & Businesses
Facebook marketing is booming right now, and it’s booming in a big, big way. In 2016, the platform made $27 billion on advertisements alone. That’s a 53% improvement from the year before.

Audience building for startups with Facebook Lead Ads
A lengthy article on audience building for startups with Facebook Lead Ads. Lots of actionable advice.

The Definitive Guide to Improving Activation
A step-by-step guide to improving activation and driving users towards the all-important aha! moment.

SEOClerks, The largest SEO Marketplace on the planet
Click and explore thousands of growth and SEO services available, starting from $1. The largest SEO Marketplace on the planet – SEOClerks.

The Ultimate Guide to Live Video (on Every Social Platform)
Live video is here to stay, so businesses should know how to leverage it. See how to use live video on every social media site available.

What We Learned From Analyzing 50 Post-Welcome Emails
We looked through 50 post-welcome emails to come up with a system for how to craft your own post-welcome emails, depending on business model, funnel position, and type of customer relationship.

The 50 Tools Ladder Uses to Grow Businesses
When you work on growth, you can’t afford to do manual work. That’s why Ladder has a marketing stack. Check out the 45 SaaS growth tools Ladder uses daily.

Should You ‘Pivot to Video’? Pros & Cons of Video Content Marketing
Thinking about pivoting to video? Video content isn’t for everyone. In this post, learn everything you need to know about the pros and cons of video content marketing.

How Help Scout Is Building a Great Business with an Uncommon Growth Playbook
This article takes a look at how Help Scout has built a great business and carved a place of its own in a highly competitive market.

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[40] VR, webinars, push notifications, cart abandonment and more

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The Anatomy of a $97 Million Page: A CRO Case Study
A highly converting landing page is never an accident — it’s a carefully constructed masterpiece. In this CRO case study, traditional marketing wisdom combines with modern creativity to architect a page with immense potential value.

The Power of YouTube Influencer Marketing: 2X Sales Right Now
Want to 2X sales this quarter? YouTube influencer marketing is your way to hit (and bypass) that goal. Here’s what you need to know.

10 Top Design Practices for Cart Abandonment Emails
Lead Designer, Luke Nokes, presents some email design tips for marketers. There is a focus on cart abandonment emails, but the tips apply more generally.

30 Power Words That Convert On Social Media Channels
Power words compel a reader to take action. Here are 30 that you should be using in your social media headlines and teasers to encourage engagement.

The power of video in email marketing
Email delivers, when done right. Video can improve that performance exponentially and contribute toward better open rates, click through rates and enabling conversations.

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Push Notification Best Practices: 35 Tips for Dramatically Better Messages
Push notification best practices explained with actionable examples, screenshots, and unique insights from today’s top mobile apps.

One Ridiculously Easy Way to Enhance the Power of Your Blog Posts
Seize this opportunity to show your website is a helpful resource. Just make sure you do it in a strategic way that doesn’t disrupt a reader’s experience.

How are brands using virtual reality in their marketing?
Brands are already exploring the potential of virtual reality to create an immersive marketing experience. Which brands are using VR in their marketing, and how?

How to reduce customer churn with webinars
Helping your customers see the full value of your product is key to reducing customer churn, and webinars are one of the most effective ways to do it.

[Podcast] How Larry Kim Started WordStream in a Bakery & Grew It to 10K+ Users
Interview with WordStream founder Larry Kim: how content marketing has shifted so changing your strategy is like poker: know when to fold and when to stay.

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[39] Sales funnels, CRO, account sales, niche website and more

Here is this weeks issue, packed with great growth reading. Got feedback? Let me know! Thank you for reading this issue of growth.email – Miles

How to Generate More Revenue Through Confirmation Emails
Are you leaving money on the table? You already know about the power of email marketing. If you’re building an email list, you’ll want to maximize the value you get from each subscriber. The problem is, many marketers are ignoring an important component of their email marketing strategy.

How I Took My Niche Site to 100k Visitors/Month + $1k/Month in 365 Days
Check out these strategies and tricks on how Brian Jackson took his authority niche site from 0 to 100,000+ visitors a month and $1,000+ a month in revenue, in 365 days.

A Complete Guide On How to Do Outreach Correctly
You worked hard to offer something valuable on the market. You expect to spread your service throughout the world. However, even though you can nothing to do but stay among outsiders while your competitors hit the jackpot. Why?

The Lazy Writer’s Guide to 30-Minute Keyword Research
Keyword research doesn’t have to be a marathon bender. A brisk 30-minute walk can provide incredible insights — insights that connect you with a wider audience on a deeper level.

Sales Management Guide – Ultimate Resource For Salespeople
Your company can be elevated to the top if you take Sales Management seriously. This guide is designed to help you do exactly that.

How to Go Viral Thanks to the LinkedIn Network Effect
I recently received 4,700% more engagement with one LinkedIn post, and the trick is really simple. I explain what I did and learned in this article.

How CRO Makes SEO More Effective (Despite the Rumors)
This is a story about “SEO conversion optimization” or “SEO-CRO.” That’s a mash-up term for a concept critical to ecommerce success.

What is Account-based Marketing Anyway?
What is account-based marketing and why is it making such a splash in sales, marketing, and the HubSpot community? Find out here.

How I Generate 300,000 Unique Blog Visitors Per Month
There is no secret formula. You just need a strategy. Here’s how Pauline Cabrera has consistently generated 300,000+ users per month throughout the year.

Building a Growth Framework Towards a $100 Million Product
Case study on HubSpot and helping build the foundation for a new $100M line of business. The author explains the Four Fits Framework.

Content Marketing Lessons from the Top 1,000 Articles Shared on LinkedIn
We’ve collated all the data on the 1,000 most shared articles on LinkedIn over the last twelve months. See what we learned, and download our research.

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