[39] Sales funnels, CRO, account sales, niche website and more

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How to Generate More Revenue Through Confirmation Emails
Are you leaving money on the table? You already know about the power of email marketing. If you’re building an email list, you’ll want to maximize the value you get from each subscriber. The problem is, many marketers are ignoring an important component of their email marketing strategy.

How I Took My Niche Site to 100k Visitors/Month + $1k/Month in 365 Days
Check out these strategies and tricks on how Brian Jackson took his authority niche site from 0 to 100,000+ visitors a month and $1,000+ a month in revenue, in 365 days.

A Complete Guide On How to Do Outreach Correctly
You worked hard to offer something valuable on the market. You expect to spread your service throughout the world. However, even though you can nothing to do but stay among outsiders while your competitors hit the jackpot. Why?

The Lazy Writer’s Guide to 30-Minute Keyword Research
Keyword research doesn’t have to be a marathon bender. A brisk 30-minute walk can provide incredible insights — insights that connect you with a wider audience on a deeper level.

Sales Management Guide – Ultimate Resource For Salespeople
Your company can be elevated to the top if you take Sales Management seriously. This guide is designed to help you do exactly that.

How to Go Viral Thanks to the LinkedIn Network Effect
I recently received 4,700% more engagement with one LinkedIn post, and the trick is really simple. I explain what I did and learned in this article.

How CRO Makes SEO More Effective (Despite the Rumors)
This is a story about “SEO conversion optimization” or “SEO-CRO.” That’s a mash-up term for a concept critical to ecommerce success.

What is Account-based Marketing Anyway?
What is account-based marketing and why is it making such a splash in sales, marketing, and the HubSpot community? Find out here.

How I Generate 300,000 Unique Blog Visitors Per Month
There is no secret formula. You just need a strategy. Here’s how Pauline Cabrera has consistently generated 300,000+ users per month throughout the year.

Building a Growth Framework Towards a $100 Million Product
Case study on HubSpot and helping build the foundation for a new $100M line of business. The author explains the Four Fits Framework.

Content Marketing Lessons from the Top 1,000 Articles Shared on LinkedIn
We’ve collated all the data on the 1,000 most shared articles on LinkedIn over the last twelve months. See what we learned, and download our research.

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[38] Sales scripts, sending 10 million emails, Twitter advertising and more

Here is this weeks issue, packed with great growth reading. Got feedback? Let me know! Thank you for reading this issue of growth.email – Miles

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Everything I Learned About Email Marketing From Sending 10 Million Email Campaigns
Whether it’s to engage dormant users who downloaded your app, distribute your content or get users who abandoned cart on your e-commerce website to buy, Email Marketing takes care of them all.

The Ultimate Startup Marketing Strategy for Explosive Growth
28 marketing lessons for rapid startup growth from digital marketer, Marcus Taylor. Learn from the wins of Hubspot, Intercom, Leadformly, AirBnB & more.

The Definitive Guide to Improving Activation
A step-by-step guide to improving activation and driving users towards the all-important aha! moment.

How Grammarly Quietly Grew Its Way to 6.9 Million Daily Users in 9 Years
Since 2008, Grammarly has quietly grown one of the most successful self-funded products on the web. Grammarly’s free Chrome extension has been downloaded 10 million times, and the company has 6.9 million daily active users.

Twitter Advertising: The Complete Guide to Targeting Options
Twitter offers a lot of options for targeting your ads. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to ensure your ad dollars are being spent on the right audience.

Our Content Marketing Strategy & Results [plus video]
On this episode of the Bam Creative Show, we’re sharing how we craft our content marketing strategy, share the results as well as give tips for your content strategy.

Creating Brand Advocates Via Smart Content [Case Study]
Having strong brand advocates can help insulate your brand from crisis, lead to referring links and positive media coverage, and help you create content for your brand. Learn how to develop advocates for your brand in this post.

15 Simple Questions to Ask Your Homepage (and all of your top pages)
A visitor has landed on your website. What happens next? The page succeeds or it fails. Here are 15 ways to keep to making your pages successful.

How to create a sales call script [Free template]
Here’s your FREE template on how to create a sales phone script. Proven script structure that will help you make better B2B sales calls & close more deals.

How to Go Viral on Linkedin and Increase your Social Selling Index
Hailey Freedman writes the story of how she went viral on Linkedin and got 1,040,454 views (and counting) on a post and how it impacted her social selling index.

5 Ways To Generate Experiment Ideas That Can Help Move the Meter
It’s not enough to just pick an A/B testing solution. You need to have a process and a plan of coming up with a steady pipeline of meaningful ideas that will help move the meter for your product.

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[37] Influencer marketing, scarcity, Twitter link building and more

Here is this weeks issue, packed with great growth reading. Got feedback? Let me know! Thank you for reading this issue of growth.email – Miles

This issue brought to you by the SaaS Email Marketing Handbook.

The Influencer Marketing Guide 2017
Influencer marketing allows you to reach a targeted audience with a specific message that you know they are already interested in. This massive post explains more.

18 Scarcity Examples That Can Boost Sales
It’s a cultural trope to “want what you can’t have,” but it’s also a principle based in decades of psychological research. This article shows you how to use it to build growth.

Facebook Video Engagement: What We Learned From Analyzing 100 Million Videos
Research data shows just how overwhelmingly dominant video, including Facebook Live video, has become. We analyzed 100 million Facebook videos published in the last year and using this data we reveal great lessons.

10 Examples of Successful Co-Branding Partnerships (And Why They’re So Great)
Check out these real-world examples of great co-branding partnerships — and what makes them so good.

How Real-Time Marketing Benefits Brands: 37 Examples
How can brands benefit most from implementing real-time marketing solutions? From reaching prospects at key pain points with relevant messaging to tapping into the most relevant, current trends, real-time marketing offers a multitude of benefits.

Upgrade Emails: Automation, Copy, and Best Practices for Trial End Emails
Upgrade emails help you convert more trial users into paying customers. Learn how to craft the perfect trial end email.

Social Proof: What It Is and Why It’s Great for Marketing
Make no mistake, humans are pack animals. If you’ve been wondering about social proof marketing, look no further.

How Deep Linking Push Notifications Can Lift Conversions
Deep links seamlessly bridge the gap between web and apps, adding value to push and beyond. How does deep linking push notifications impact conversions?

What is Account-Based Marketing? An Inside Look at How to Get High-Ticket Clients
The average click-through rate for emails is less than 3%. Why is it so low? These emails often lack personalization and segmentation. Not to mention, there’s typically a lack of customer research before sending the email blast. Sending the same, generic content to your massive email list doesn’t work today.

How I Achieved a 48% Success Rate Using Twitter for Link Building
Tired of low link building success rates? Find out how we leveraged Twitter for outreach to receive an insane 48% of the links we asked for.

Hacking Your User Onboarding Process: 10 Strategies to Try Now
Many view onboarding as an opportunity to get new users up and running. However, you should think of it as laying the foundation for a long-term relationship with your brand or application.

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